I think Firewatch has been a fantastic resource to the Blue Mountains community. It has helped me to see that those with concerns are supported. Without Firewatch, some issues would have been inadvertently missed.”
Blue Mountains Mayor, Mark Greenhill

Whilst accurate and up to date information on the bush fires is provided to councillors, Firewatch tunes us into the community impact, mood and their evolving needs. The way the page continued to identify issues and problems and alert us to them in a prompt fashion was very useful. Firewatch put people in touch with other people who were having the same same or similar experiences. It has been an invaluable information sharing network and community forum for people negotiating very difficult times.” Blue Mountains Deputy Mayor, Brendan Luchetti

The sharing of information by the community and monitoring of fire movement was so valuable and far more specific and timely than provided by the media, really helped me to know just how close my family and friends in the area were. The mainstream media made it sound like every house in the mountains was on fire so this group helped put things in perspective and helped people feel a part of the community and be able to come together and communicate through a challenging time. Easily the most valuable Facebook group I am a member of.”
BMFR member survey response