Information sourcing and posting

To make a page or group credible, and reliable in emergencies, it is important to check information posted. Some useful questions to ask can be:

What is the lead agency for this emergency? (For example, in NSW, the RFS is the lead agency for bushfires.)
Identify the lead agency, and repost information from their social media sites.
Set up systems among admins to monitor lead agency information.

Encourage page and group member culture of accuracy
Posts that do not have the source, geographical details or other identifying information need to be monitored and/or deleted.
Support members in assisting in verifying information.
Create clear guidelines about accuracy of information.

Use local networks to provide addition information
Admins and members will all have local contacts that can be used to add to information.
Develop contact lists of relevant local services.
Use Facebook tools to collate Facebook information sources.