Executive summary, Evaluation and Operational plan

This report looks at the experience of a community-run social media group, operating in the Blue Mountains, that provides information and support about bushfires in the area. The Blue Mountains Firewatch and Recovery (BMFR) group began in 2011, but grew very rapidly around the time of the October 2013 fires. The group is still operating today, and now has over 6,000 members. The group can be found here (Facebook login required).

The research covers the period from October 2013 to October 2014. The Blue Mountains Firewatch and Recover group initially started as two separate groups (refered to in this report as ‘Firewatch’ and ‘Recovery’), but have since merged into one, known here as BMFR. The evaluation was therefore split into three sections – the period of the fire emergency (October to November 2013), the period directly afterwards (December 2013 to March 2014) and finally, the post-group merger and consolidation (April to October 2014.)

Firewatch membership growth

The Operational plan provides some recommendations and feedback for the BMFR group to assist in making the group sustainable long-term.

Download the Blue Mountains Firewatch and Recovery Research project – report. (500kb PDF)